Cascade Bridges

A proposal to improve visitor safety and preserve creeks in Cascade Canyon.


Project Description

The proposed project which was originally received as a public proposal from the Friends of Corte Madera Creek Watershed and the Marin County Bicycle Coalition in spring 2016. The proposed improvements would remove recreation from the San Anselmo creek channel, improve the visitor experience and accessibility for all trail users, and enhance the sustainability of the trail consistent with the MCOSD’s Road and Trail Management Plan.

The proposed project would install two recreational bridges and implement improvements to the Cascade Fire Road to allow trail users to safely use the trail during wet weather without crossing through San Anselmo Creek. The proposed project would also implement safety improvements and a change in use on a segment of the Canyon Trail from hiker/horse to multiuse and would decommission the High Water Trail, which is erosive and a deposition source of fine sediments into San Anselmo Creek, which can impede the spawning success of rainbow trout and steelhead.


  • Provide safe and sustainable year-round access to the Canyon Fire Road and the interior of Cascade Canyon Open Space Preserve;
  • Eliminate the need to cross San Anselmo Creek using the rock fords located within the creek;
  • Enhance habitat protection for listed species;
  • Improve trail safety;
  • Improve visitor access compliant with MCOSD’s Inclusive Access Plan;
  • Reduce trail erosion and sedimentation to the Corte Madera Creek watershed; and
  • Reduce the number of redundant trails and habitat fragmentation in an area rich in sensitive species.


  • 2016: Project Identified
  • 2016–18: Project Planning
  • Summer–Fall 2018: Project Description and Resource Studies
  • 2019–20: Prepare Draft CEQA Document
  • Winter 2021: Public Review and Comment Period on Draft CEQA Document