Hunt Camp Trail

Improving sustainability, reducing erosion, and improving visitor safety.


Project Description

As originally proposed, this project consisted of three parts: improvements to Upper Hunt Camp Trail, improvements to Lower Hunt Camp Trail, and a connector trail. The project was identified as a priority project in the 2015 road and trail designation process.

To date, work has been completed on the Upper Hunt Camp Trail. A section of Upper Hunt Camp, formerly a narrow and unimproved ridgetop trail, was re-routed and the grade improved to create a more stable and sustainable trail. The highly erosive portions of trail were decommissioned. Drainage improvements were also implemented to alleviate chronically wet conditions and reduce erosion. Due to the sensitive nature of the ecosystem, all work was done with hand tools.


  • 2015: Project Identified
  • 2016–2017: Project Planning
  • April 13–May 15, 2017: MCOSD Administrative Public Comment
  • May/June 2017: CEQA Review
  • June 2017: Project Determination

Lower Hunt Camp Project

There is currently no timeline for the Lower Hunt Camp project.

  • 2-3 foot wide trail with a running grade of less than ten percent.
  • Re-route sections of trail away from sensitive species habitat, especially Marin manzanita.
  • Decommission 700 linear feet of eroding, unsanctioned trail.
  • Drainage improvements.