Stafford Master Plan

A new vision for Stafford Lake Park informed by community collaboration.

As part of the master plan design development effort, RHAA and Marin County Parks held a variety of public outreach events to gather community input that would help guide the design process to best serve the community. These early outreach efforts informed the initial Master plan.Throughout this phase, RHAA presented relevant analysis while community members in turn gave feedback on what aspects of the park they wanted improved or protected.

The outreach efforts were varied in sample size and research method design but were all essential in discerning the diverse set of users and desires for Stafford Lake Park. Public outreach spanned many months, starting in September 2014 and concluding in July 2015. The community input methods were intercept surveys, preferencing exercises at community workshops, an online survey, and focus group meetings.

In addition, the public was invited to offer feedback during comment periods that are a standard part of environmental review.

Timeline diagram for community outreach