McNears Master Plan

A new vision for McNears Beach Park, informed by community collaboration.

Public participation played a critical role in shaping the Master Plan. Input received from focus groups, surveys, and open house workshops helped detail the kinds of facilities and recreational opportunities the community wants and needs.

A range of organizations and community groups offered valuable insights throughout the process, including:

  • BCDC
  • Canal Alliance
  • City of San Rafael Community Services
  • City of San Rafael Planning
  • Coastal Conservancy
  • Friends of China Camp State Parks
  • Healthy Parks, Healthy People Bay Area)
  • LIFT-Levante
  • San Rafael School District
  • YMCA

In addition, the general public participated in a survey that was offered online and in-person at Parks events.

Two community workshops also gathered insights. The first community workshop was held on February 23, 2015 at the San Rafael Community Center. The second community workshop was held at the park on April 19, 2015.