Fire Fuel Reduction

Animal grazing to reduce wildfire risk and control invasive weeds.


  • Clear fire fuel and create defensible space around homes to reduce risk of wildfire.
  • Maintain emergency access.
  • Remove invasive and hazardous weeds, such as barbed goat grass and star thistle.
  • Restore and improve the land, including replenishment of soils..
  • Maintain beauty of the area.


  • 400 goat wethers effectively grazed heavy brush, including coyote brush and poison oak.
  • 200 young goats and sheep effectively grazed grasslands.
  • About 30 feet of vegetation  grazed along both sides of ridge top fire roads, creating a buffer along the wildland/urban interface.
  • Coordination of grazing logistics across adjacent property boundaries.
  • Substantial defensible space created behind homes in Terra Linda, adjacent to homes in the Fox Lane area, behind the Canyon Creek development, and near structures on the San Domenico campus and the Triple C ranch.

Project Partners

  • Rocking H Ranch
  • San Domenico School
  • Sleepy Hollow Fire Protection District
  • Star Creek Land Stewards
  • Triple C Ranch

Matching funds provided by Sleepy Hollow Fire Prevention District as part of a regional grazing partnership.


  • Fall 2017: First regional project potential partners meeting.
  • Winter 2018: Project specifications drafted and finalized.
  • March–May 2018: Grazing takes place.
  • October 2018: Site evaluation and debrief; recommendations for following year's maintenance.