Marin County Parks and Open Space Department

Trail Watch/Volunteer Mounted Patrol

Trail Watch/Volunteer Mounted Patrol is for individuals who want to support the Open Space District by monitoring preserves and supporting public outreach efforts. The ideal person is willing to make a long-term commitment and is interested in acting as the eyes and ears for Open Space District Rangers. Trail Watch/Volunteer Mounted Patrol members focus on educating users about safe, responsible land stewardship and about Marin County Open Space District rules and regulations. Members frequently tour preserves on foot, horseback, or mountain bike.

The Open Space District regularly trains members about conducting land maintenance activities and about reporting on a variety of issues. Trail Watch/Volunteer Mounted Patrol members must complete a volunteer application and schedule an interview with Open Space District staff. If we determine you are good candidate for the program, you will be required to complete orientation training and field training with Open Space District Ranger staff.

If you want to learn more about becoming a Trail Watch/Volunteer Mounted Patrol member and find out about available assignments, contact Volunteer Coordinator Greg Reza at or (415) 473-3778.