Marin County Parks and Open Space Department

McInnis Marsh Restoration


Marin County Parks, in partnership with the Las Gallinas Sanitary District and the Marin County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, is proposing to restore subtidal and intertidal habitat at McInnis Marsh, an 180‐acre area of diked wetlands located within Marin County's McInnis Park. McInnis Marsh is a diked bayland that consists of vegetated seasonal wetlands and salt pannes. The adjacent marshes on the bayside (east) of the existing levee supports intertidal marsh with breeding populations of sensitive species including black rail, Ridgway’s rail, and salt marsh harvest mouse. The proposed project will improve this habitat and allow for it to respond to sea level rise. Finally, the proposed project provides Parks with an opportunity to protect the McInnis Park Golf Course and public access to the bay, which could be damaged by sea level rise.

Feasibility Study

  • Removing levees that separate the marsh from Miller Creek, Gallinas Creek, and San Pablo Bay
  • Breaching both Miller and Gallinas Creeks to allow flow into the marsh at lower tides
  • Construction of a horizontal levee between the golf course and the marsh
  • Installation of a new trail that will provide access to the bay and connect to the trails on the Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District property

To learn more about this project, please review the following documents:

If you have any questions or comments regarding the alternatives please send them to James Raives at 415-473-3745.


McInnis Marsh lies within the historic confluence of Las Gallinas and Miller Creeks. These creeks once flowed through a network of tidal wetlands, but in the early 1900's levees confined Miller Creek to a narrow channel. This parcel was acquired by Marin County in 1972, and designated as parks and open space. For some period of time, the land was used for cattle grazing, but not under any formal lease agreement. McInnis Marsh is currently an undeveloped area within the boundary of McInnis Park. At present, recreation in the marsh area of the park is limited to levee top trail use.