Marin County Parks and Open Space Department

The County of Marin, the National Park Service, California State Parks, local water districts, community-based organizations and Marin’s cities and towns have each contributed to the creation of Marin’s park- land bounty according to their respective missions and goals. However, the focus of this strategic plan is Marin County’s own system of parks and open space preserves.

This comprehensive, pathfi nding docu- ment sets forth an exciting ten year vision for the County’s park and open space sys- tem. It projects how park and recreation needs will evolve as the County’s popula- tion ages and diversifi es. It examines the County’s existing park and open space system—its strengths and challenges—as the starting point of our journey. It de- scribes the improvements to be made and facilities to be built so that the system remains responsive to the needs of our community. It identifi es the investment we must make and the partnerships we must forge to achieve our vision. And, to encourage accountability, it offers tools to gage our success.

Marin County Parks Strategic Plan (June 2008)