Marin County Parks and Open Space Department

Marin County Parks serves over 6 million visitors per year, at 43 parks and facilities and 34 open space preserves. In order to improve visitor services, we periodically conduct a visitor study that can include visitor interviews, focus groups, and other types of feedback. If we see you out at a park or on a trail, and want to ask you a few questions, we hope you will take a few moments to offer your feedback to Marin County Parks.

2015 Visitor Study
visitor study

In fall 2015 Parks collaborated with San Francisco State University to survey 1168 parks and open space visitors. We also conducted two focus groups. 95% of our visitors reported having a positive experience. Download the report here, or read it at your local county library.

Visitor Use Study

One-Page Summary and Data Table.

If you have questions or desire additional information, contact Marin County Parks.