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The White Hill Open Space Preserve bridges the gap between the Cascade Canyon, Gary Giacomini, and Loma Alta preserves. The highlight of White Hill Preserve (390 acres) is the Blue Ridge Fire Road that passes over the summit of White Hill at an elevation of 1,430 feet. This road and the nearby Wagon Wheel Trail pass through impressive stands of manzanita and chamise above steep, rocky slopes. The rocks and soil in this area are predominantly serpentine. During spring, this landscape is quite picturesque with native grasses and wildflowers sprouting among the beautifully weathered stones.


From Hwy 101 in Larkspur, take the Sir Francis Drake Blvd exit west past Fairfax and up White Hill. Trailhead is on the left before the crest of the hill.

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Open Space Field Guide

This preserve has it all in terms of habitat diversity: a variety of forest types, open grassland, and even some serpentine chaparral, so the species lists are extensive.  During train construction (2004-2005) evidence of porcupine feeding damage was found on several trees, thus the trail was named for the elusive rodent.  We'll add that species to the list as soon as we have visual verification.

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Birds, Geologic Interest, Redwoods, Wildflowers


24 hours

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