Marin County Parks and Open Space Department

Every day, Marin County Parks and Open Space staff is working on a variety of projects to take good care of our parks, preserves, trails, and recreational facilities.

Aramburu Enhancement Project

We are partnering with Audubon California to restore the 17 acre Aramburu Island Preserve in Richardson Bay. Aramburu Island is choked with non-native, invasive plants, making it poor habitat for native wildlife. MORE

Castro Park Playground Renovation

Now, 11 years later, the existing playground is in need of structural improvements. Marin County Parks, in conjunction with County Service Area 18, is planning to renovate the play area. MORE

Integrated Pest Management

Marin County departments have an important role in minimizing pollutants at county facilities. The county's Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program helps reduce pesticide use and protect the health of the public and environment. Marin County Parks is responsible for managing the IPM program. MORE

McNears Beach Park Master Plan

In June 2014, Marin County Parks contracted with the Office of Cheryl Barton for development of a master plan for McNears Beach Park in San Rafael. MORE

Stafford Lake Bike Park

In 2009, the Marin County Department of Parks and Open Space recognized a community interest in developing a bike park and examined a number of sites throughout Marin County. MORE

Stafford Lake Park Master Plan

In June 2014, Marin County Parks contracted with RHAA, renowned landscape architects and planners in Mill Valley, for development of a new master plan for Stafford Lake Park in Novato. MORE